*Reservations are required for your visit. Please fill out following form for reservation. I will get back to you quickly. You are also welcome to call 503-460-7908 to reserve your time.Please do not bring dogs to the zoo even on leash. Our Kangaroo Charlotte has an inate fear of them and strange dogs can cause dangerous reactions in her.

Place special instructions and information in the comment section, and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. All children are welcome! Please feel free to share any special concerns you may have for your child so I can better ensure an enjoyable and stress free visit.

A donation of $8 per person. This will include two hours of play and feeding adventures with our amazing and comical farm pets.  Also drinks and snacks will be provided*

***When reserving your time please be sure to mention any food allergies the children may have, or any particular fear of certain animals. Also please let me know if there are any special accommodations, or disabilities of those coming. I only want to make sure I am prepared to offer you a thoughtful visit to our little farm.

Now open to the public

Gramma Roses Aviaries is thrilled to invite children of all ages to join her and a bunch of really silly animals at her home.

As a small family farm please let us know if you need to cancel a reservation.  We structure our day around your visit and appreciate a call or text if you are not able to make your visit.

**Sunday 2-5

**Mon-Sat 10-5

    We are a smoke free/alcohol free zone.

Linda Rose Forney   503.460.7908

To ensure the safety of the children, children must be closely monitored by their parents, or other adults in family. All of our animals are so very sweet, but accidents do happen and sometimes even the best critters may have a rough day.

Petting Zoo