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                                                   Summer Time at Gramma Roses
                                                                August 19, 2014
         The days of summer are waning fast. I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of August. Babies continue to hatch out, though things have slowed down considerably.  Life is Good on our humble two acres. Every morning we are awakened with the booming sounds of the cranes (who finally laid their first egg!!!); peacocks, guineas, bobwhites, pigeons and doves, all offer their own melodious sounds of happiness with the rising of the sun. Upon stepping out our front door we are ALWAYS greeted with four baaa~ing Shetland Sheep, and the honking of our geese...Feed Me they say!

         This morning is overcast, but still warm outside. Fall is close. Garden is growing well and we hope to harvest before first frost, and before night time garden munchers clean out our peas!  Shed is ready to put up for sheep and geese, and enclosures for pigeons, peafowl, and quail are still in the works. Impeyan pheasants, female Nene, a pair of Cinnamon Teals, and a female Ringed Teal will arrive in September. Family has come to visit, friends continue to stop by, and new friends are visiting with children. Oh how happy these days are...Life is Good at Gramma Roses Aviaries!!

East African Crowned  Cranes

Captain Hook and The Missus