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                                                      Peaceful Moments with Sheep and Geese
                                                                        July 12, 2014
                    Oh how I love our sheep...ahhh, they are the apples of my eye. Every day I go out and sit under the tree with them.  They all preen me, rub up against me, nibble on my arms, and are sweeter and calmer than most dogs. I can't tell you in words how in love I am with my little trusting sweeties.  They are not at all stupid as I have always thought. I have been told that the Shetland Sheep are among the smartest of all sheep. They never cease to amaze me. Another thing that is funny is that my geese now all crowd around me when I go  out to sit with the sheep.  The pilgrim male (Gilbert) will chew on my shoes, pull on the laces, and even tried to run off with my gloves. It is completely adorable. Today when I changed their water pools they all ran all over the place honking, running in and out of their clean pools, and continually chased each other with crazy flapping wings.  I love these peaceful moments when all is quiet except for the sound of the animals enjoying their little secure world at Gramma Roses!!

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Cosmo helpiing Gramma Rose wrap Christmas presents

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