Gramma Roses will work hard to educate you BEFORE you bring home your new friend.

It is important that you know what to expect of your particular breed of bird, 

proper nutrition, housing requirements, and behavioral and emotional needs.

Sometimes Gramma Rose becomes long winded on the subject. But such is her passion to make sure the bird you choose is an excellent match for you and your family.

Gramma Rose will continue to stand by you and your new feathered friend as long as you need. 

It is a privilege to serve you and you will never be treated  as a bother.  No question is

insignificant, nor  are there too many of them!!

  • All babies at Gramma Roses are parent hatched and parent raised for the first 10 days. Sometimes parent (s) will push baby away or not properly care for it. At that time baby will be removed and cared for regardless of its age

  • No baby is tube fed (gavages) as this does not teach baby to eat in a healthy way and can cause problems during the weaning process often resulting in weight loss and an unhealthy bird.

  • Babies are offered a high quality seed diet, fruits and veggies, grains, birdie bread, leaf lettuce/kale/collards, and other healthy foods

  • Babies are weaned on their time schedule and will not be rushed
  • Unweaned babies will not be released to their new homes

  • Babies are handled daily beyond the feeding process, kissed on and mauled

  • Babies are raised together in pairs or trios. The only exception is that Linnies are raised in individual cages though cages are next to each other.  When babies are old enough they are brought out to play together with toys and to properly socialize and share new foods together.

  • Babies are allowed to fledge (fly) in a safe environment before clipping wings. This allows a chick to exercise and develop a healthy system. This also encourages independence which is an important stage of development for a chick

References are available upon request.
My babies are health guaranteed for a week with Avian Veterinarian visit.  
Not all Veterinarians work with birds and it is important to secure a bird specialist as soon as possible., and preferably before you bring baby home

Code of Ethics at Gramma Roses Keeper of Peepers

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