• In proportion to its size, the Black Swan has the longest neck of any swan species

  • The black swan is the state emblem of Western Australia, and appears on the state flag.

  • When in flight, a group of black swans is known as a ‘wedge’, whereas on the ground it is known as a ‘bank’.

  • The black swan is known to make a variety of high-pitched, musical baying, bugling and trumpeting calls.

Black Swans

These beautiful black swans originate in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia. Throughout the world Black Swans have become a favorite among waterfowl fanciers. It always surprises me to meet people who have never seen a black swan. But then I am quick to remind myself that I too am one of those people.

A curious characteristic of a black swan is the way they swim through the water. With one leg in the water, the other is tucked above its tail.  They will swim with neck either arched or erect and back wing feathers are raised up as if in an aggressive manner.

The black swan’s scientific name, Cygnus  Atratus, means ‘a swan attired in black'

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**Baby Swan is a Cygnet**

**Male Swan is a Cob**

Sarge and Lucy

Opie and Tilly Girl

**Female Swan is a Pen**