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Our Beautiful Mount Hood!

   Updated: November2, 2018   

  Empty nest is full once again
By Jeff Goodman
Molalla Pioneer
December 13, 2011
**Now that her four children have moved away, Linda Rose Forney focuses on reviving her bird business**

Linda Rose Forney, owner of Gramma Rose’s Keeper of Peepers, kisses her pet parrot Cosmo. Forney has dozens of birds and animals. Linda Rose Forney just wanted to be with the birds. Growing up as an orphan at the Christie School for Girls in Marylhurst, Ore., Forney remembers sitting outside with her peers as a supervising sister stood in the middle of their circle.“I saw birds fly overhead and thought, ‘I want to be free like those birds,’” Forney says. That moment spawned a lifelong love of feathered critters, which she recently channeled into a home-based bird boutique in Molalla.
Forney, 53, ran a similar store more than a decade ago in Lebanon, Ore., and she felt it was time to revive the business now that her children are grown and living elsewhere.“My youngest son left for the military, and it was really difficult for me,” Forney says as she plays with her two longtime pet macaws, Cosmo and Bandera. “A lot of women put their energies into something else.”The effects of those energies are felt in a side room of Forney’s house on Hart Street, which is now filled with buttonquail, canaries, Gouldian finches, Diamond doves and an assortment of other small birds. Forney also sells feed and supplies, including Tupelo wood for hand-crafted bird toys, as well as fresh chicken eggs from her zoo-like backyard.
A believer in the powerful influence of animals on children, Forney hopes to continue offering the presentations to area residents that she had held even before Gramma Rose’s Keeper of Peepers officially opened for business last month. “I live for showing and telling,” she says.This 'Quarter-acre of chaos’' Forney’s backyard is an amalgamation of sights and sounds as roosters, pheasants, pigeons and other animals roam freely or in large customized cages.The Portland State alumna, who lives with her husband, online motorcycle salesman Dave Snyder, is licensed to run an animal business from her home.
​ Many of the critters are here to stay on this “quarter-acre of chaos,” including homing pigeons, Cinnamon Teal and perching Mandarin ducks, several dogs, a rabbit and a friendly pot-bellied pig. For Forney, the space behind her house is an ongoing project. A duck pond and garden are in the works, among other additions. Forney says her passion for community interaction will be put in practice at her shop: She won’t be surprised if customers ask for tours of the backyard — they’ll have to wear booties over their shoes so as not to spread potential viruses — and she’ll be happy to share her knowledge about raising birds and other animals. The business seems to provide comfort to the mother of military boys, including one who was involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein.“They all get along,” Forney says of her animals. “That tells me that everything is OK.”

Growing up as an orphan at  Christie School for Girls in Marylhurst, Oregon, I can remember sitting outside in a circle with my peers as Sister Kathleen stood in the middle scolding us. We were in trouble for something and I felt very sad about it. Then I saw birds fly overhead and thought, ‘I want to be free like those birds," From there I must have really loved birds because Sister Kathleen allowed me to have two little budgies "Lemon" and "Linus." When my new family came to meet me for the first time, I walked up to them with my hand in my pocket.  “What is in your pocket Linda?” they asked. Out I pulled a little budgie! I don’t remember this, but they were to recall this memory years later. How we laughed about this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
​I can't really say Christie School for Girls is where my love for birds began, but no doubt I looked at birds as being free from getting into trouble!!

Childlike Wonder
The tendency for some of us who surround ourselves with animals is to never quite grow up.  Even as we hold tightly to our childlike wonder that is full and rich within our own lives, we also find delight in sharing that wonder with other humans. From our bright orange canary to our great East African Crowned Cranes, all are worthy of wonder and enjoyment.

Greatness in a Small Package
Perhaps the greatest story of sharing this wonder began in the life of a small dove. As a young handfed dove, Lovey Dovey went to live with a beautiful woman who is ill with cancer. I had never intended to part with Lovey, but I believe that God inspired my heart to pass on this little bird to her. Kim had wanted a dove for a very long time because this gentle creature is a symbol of God's Holy Spirit...comfort, peace, friendship, guidance, and goodness.  As that little bird nestled under her chin, its heartbeat and soft coos comforted her as she rested in her bed after her long days of treatments.

Beautiful Pet Birds in Prineville Oregon